Trespassing Through Time

I have a lot to learn and explore when it comes to lighting, color and use of filters in Photoshop. I tried a few, actually brightened it up quite a bit (believe it or not). But, I'm not real happy with the end result on this. It feels darker and more bland than I want... Continue Reading →

Collaborative Design: Magdaline Roses

I had the idea of putting a baby inside a huge flower. Toot suggested putting the baby in a sea of yellow roses, and it came out splendid! What a great suggestion! I think the amateurish qualities remaining in this project are getting the effect that the baby is actually lying inside the roses. Toot... Continue Reading →

OMG! I think I’m made for this.

I love art. It's tempting to change a website header constantly, but I decided that I needed a new one that would stick around for quite a while. I looked through Canva and found a free one I ADORED, but I kept on pursuing browsing images until I had to literally tell myself that if... Continue Reading →

Collaborative Project w/Toot!

Toot and I decided to work on something together. We found this awesome staircase which I hope to use as a background again for another project. He had the idea of a person smoking to sit on the staircase, awesome idea. So, after looking at dozens of images, we found some women. This woman fit... Continue Reading →

I Wish I Were More Proficient

My concepts and visions are roughly and amateurishly displayed in Photoshop works like this for now. There is so much I don't know how to do. But, this is called, Our Children's Hell. If we don't aggressively attack the dangers of Climate Change, the children of our generation will see this.

My First Creative Project!

Believe it or not, I've gone through most of the beginner tutorials in the Photoshop learning set. I'm FAR from learning all I need to know though. But, below the beginner tutorials were some "Get Inspired" projects by digital artists, and so I thought it was time to make my first creative project using the... Continue Reading →

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