I Wish I Were More Proficient

My concepts and visions are roughly and amateurishly displayed in Photoshop works like this for now. There is so much I don't know how to do. But, this is called, Our Children's Hell. If we don't aggressively attack the dangers of Climate Change, the children of our generation will see this.

My First Creative Project!

Believe it or not, I've gone through most of the beginner tutorials in the Photoshop learning set. I'm FAR from learning all I need to know though. But, below the beginner tutorials were some "Get Inspired" projects by digital artists, and so I thought it was time to make my first creative project using the... Continue Reading →

It’s Beginning to Feel… Familiar.

When learning anything, I suppose, there comes a point at which instead of fumbling through the instruction manual (in this case, tutorial) and baby-stepping through small tasks instead of projects you long to start, the moment arrives when you get your first pair of wings and you're off! This was a great feeling this past... Continue Reading →

Fonts – I Recreated My Logo!

Here was the dilemma. I had images of my old logo for Being Kristina which I LOVE, but I did not have an ungrouped saved file with the fonts available. Huge cool thing Creative Cloud does is that I can Match Type by selecting a part of my file (layer locked and all) and have... Continue Reading →

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