It’s Beginning to Feel… Familiar.

When learning anything, I suppose, there comes a point at which instead of fumbling through the instruction manual (in this case, tutorial) and baby-stepping through small tasks instead of projects you long to start, the moment arrives when you get your first pair of wings and you’re off!

This was a great feeling this past week as I started to take flight whenever an idea would strike and, though tempted to hang in Canva, I’d venture to Photoshop with an idea, an image and a goal. I’m really happy to say that while the projects posted here were not necessary in these first fun memes I made, I built on the familiarity of the tools and functions in Photoshop and accomplished quite a few projects.

In an attempt to keep politics outside of the scope of this blog, I won’t post my somewhat amateurish looking political memes I made for Facebook. But, I did make a big thank you post to put on my friend Sonya’s page, so I show that in this post to show off my rotated text, brightened contrasted color adjustment and color picker tooled palette that brought a simple project to fruition.

I must say that during these projects this past week, my creativity was teeming and my self-esteem was beaming and I found myself really in a space of engagement and happiness. It is fulfilling to me to work creatively, but there’s something about the tiniest things such as comparing fonts that makes my artistic motor rev. I guess I’m realizing that I am doing the right thing by learning these programs and stepping out into a new area of personal growth and exploration.

So, I’m thrilled! If you’re a friend on Facebook, check out my memes too. But, I think I’m really getting the hang of working in Photoshop as far as opening the program instead of wimping out and limiting myself with a less robust program like Canva. Canva though, I must mention and pay merit, is great for templates, free images, the ability to post to Facebook directly from my two pages, Sugar Ridge Music and BeingKristina. I easily made this project using the dimensions preset in Canva for a Facebook post and saved the image I found and then headed over to Photoshop to dig my heels in.

Thanks for following my progress! I know the blog is new, but I would love to get feedback from followers or visitors on what I’m doing, how I’m doing and anything else relevant or not to this new endeavor I’ve taken on. I am proud of myself, and I feel better about myself. I even found a script font that I like for a new signature I’ve been practicing on paper! What defines me more than my handwritten signature, right? 🙂

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