Trespassing Through Time

I have a lot to learn and explore when it comes to lighting, color and use of filters in Photoshop. I tried a few, actually brightened it up quite a bit (believe it or not). But, I'm not real happy with the end result on this. It feels darker and more bland than I want... Continue Reading →

Collaborative Design: Magdaline Roses

I had the idea of putting a baby inside a huge flower. Toot suggested putting the baby in a sea of yellow roses, and it came out splendid! What a great suggestion! I think the amateurish qualities remaining in this project are getting the effect that the baby is actually lying inside the roses. Toot... Continue Reading →

OMG! I think I’m made for this.

I love art. It's tempting to change a website header constantly, but I decided that I needed a new one that would stick around for quite a while. I looked through Canva and found a free one I ADORED, but I kept on pursuing browsing images until I had to literally tell myself that if... Continue Reading →

Collaborative Project w/Toot!

Toot and I decided to work on something together. We found this awesome staircase which I hope to use as a background again for another project. He had the idea of a person smoking to sit on the staircase, awesome idea. So, after looking at dozens of images, we found some women. This woman fit... Continue Reading →

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