OMG! I think I’m made for this.

I love art. It’s tempting to change a website header constantly, but I decided that I needed a new one that would stick around for quite a while. I looked through Canva and found a free one I ADORED, but I kept on pursuing browsing images until I had to literally tell myself that if I didn’t stop I was a browsing addict.

When I did stop, of course it was the first one that grabbed my eye that I loved the most. None other would do. But, the image file was too small and warped in resolution when enlarging. Canva doesn’t have many tools for that. So, I paid $2 for the larger size Adobe version, cropped it a few times to get it right and it looked pretty darn good on my website.

Only the logo was overlaying one of the middle white Gerber Daisies. Hmmm.

Could I live with it? Maybe. No. Definitely not. I looked at CSS, and I could see that I was not going to figure that out on my own. And for good reason. The support team at WordPress took a day and said it wasn’t possible to move my logo up above the daisy. Makes sense – the images come in different sizes so the CSS would have to apply to all these different image sizes and it just doesn’t do that.

Live with it then…. No. No. I KNOW! I will do what I’m here to do and take that image into Photoshop and cut that flower down in size. Well, I learned SO much. Moving the flower, with a bit of newbie stumbling, wasn’t too hard really. It was the details, and I was determined for absolute perfection. An all night project, I painted, spot healed, cloned – just about every tool under the sun to get the blend without splotches or spots or dots or missed selected areas, lines, etc. I finally reached perfection, redoing the final stem of one of the daisies. Moved it a tad to the left to make sure it didn’t run into the orange daisy on the left.

Behold! It was even better than what the CSS could have done. I’m pretty proud of this. One because I worked so hard, two because I learned so much, three because I realized I have the patience and perfectionism to be a digital artist and lastly, I loved every second of it!

Here’s the original image from Adobe, a midway look at my progress and the final (FINAL) image for the new website header. I hope you see it and think, Wow. That is a really gorgeous header, perfectly done. (Probably some shadow issues, but I tried.)

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