How “This” Happened

Well, those disappointing feelings of being one of those people who start projects all the time but never find success or ending up completely rearranging plans in the middle of a project belong to me. Alas! I am not afraid of this shift of gears. You may remember Being Kristina when it was my website and blog creation, development and management blog/website. It now lives in the archives of LinkedIn so I can remember all I did during that time. Some days, this all seems a blur.

Then, I know… I get everyone who might find me slightly engaging interested in The Amused Me blog. But, here’s the deal with that. It’s now gone because it was a writing blog, and I wasn’t writing! I changed logos a lot, looked up pretty elements that I’d bought when I had my website business. I noticed fairly quickly that I am more interested in design than writing these days. So, I figured, blog about what you love and what you’re loving to do. Design.

Now, the word, “Digital Art”, is a mighty lofty word for me to use at my humble beginnings of merely making pretty things in Canva and starting up tutorials in Photoshop. This is going to be a process. So, this is NOT a digital art blog nor am I a digital artist. I am “learning” how to become a digital artist – and it’s exciting!! So exciting that I’m going to blog about my process from these early beginning days and moments until I buy my first Apple pencil.

So, that is what this journey is. It is me following my passions – wherever they lead – but with a commitment to make something wonderful happen that I can learn and share about online (because I am seriously socially inept).

Now, rather than hanging up a creation I’m proud of or some art I have a goal of competing with, I am putting up one of my favorite family photos of Toot, my love, and Gypsy, our cat. But she’s so much more… Anyways, without Toot, I wouldn’t be able to breathe in this life or exhale without screaming and tears streaming. He makes my life more than bearable, he makes me smile and laugh and feel important and loved. And, Gyspy is my precious baby. We struggle – everyone does. We have mental health junk and family we love and don’t see enough. But, these are the bones of my life, the blood within me that keeps me warm. So, thank you Toot and Gypsy for supporting my endeavors and dreams.

Now, back to design…