It’s Beginning to Feel… Familiar.

When learning anything, I suppose, there comes a point at which instead of fumbling through the instruction manual (in this case, tutorial) and baby-stepping through small tasks instead of projects you long to start, the moment arrives when you get your first pair of wings and you're off! This was a great feeling this past... Continue Reading →

Fonts – I Recreated My Logo!

Here was the dilemma. I had images of my old logo for Being Kristina which I LOVE, but I did not have an ungrouped saved file with the fonts available. Huge cool thing Creative Cloud does is that I can Match Type by selecting a part of my file (layer locked and all) and have... Continue Reading →

Removing the plant… (blurry)

Well, I trained on removing big objects which I thought was a pretty impressive option, but as you'll see up close I need some practice on the clone tool to cover up my theft. I removed the large plant in the corner, but there is a blurry section where it was removed. The clone stamp... Continue Reading →

I’m getting a bit better…

Yesterday, I wasn't able to do the detail selection work that it took to do the flower pot, and change it from purple to pink. Today, I managed to do that quite well, more precisely than the roses actually. The roses in the last post that I changed from red to purple still actually have... Continue Reading →

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